Post details: Shammal winds bring more dust to marr weekend weather


Shammal winds bring more dust to marr weekend weather

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As Bahrain prepared to host the F1 the weekend weather took a turn for the worst, a case of Murphy's Law, strong winds with rising sand and dust marred the peak period for observation of the current migration. Observation of the smaller species was particularily difficult with many like the warblers just staying low in the vegetation and scrub. Even larger species when found like Rollers and Rock Thrush were often just carried away when disturbed. Visibility in open areas was nigh on impossible at times making it a bleak time for increasing the species list.

Black Kite from the Jebel - a group of 5 was also seen over Manama
Black Kite

Grey Francolin - new broods are now very much in evidence
Grey Francolin

Glossy Ibis - 4 at Buhair
Glossy Ibis

Spotted Flycatcher
Spotted Flycatcher



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