Post details: A great weekend for photography and a rarity


A great weekend for photography and a rarity

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Since I had some business to attend to, down south on Thursday I was able to bird my journey back into town. This proved to be a more civilized way to beat the late afternoon traffic jams particularly those caused by the huge road improvements current along a large section of the eastern arterial route south, my way home. It was a good way to start the weekend.

Huge numbers of Gulls of all species can currently be found along the entire eastern shore from Jaw to Askar along with the usual cast of waders. There were no surprises here - being just offshore from our dump this is standard fare for this time of the year. Was surprised however to find a few Great Black-headed gulls mixed in but they were too distant to even point the camera at, an opportunity will present itself another day for those birds I am sure. The man-made marsh in front of the desalination plant at Ras Abu Jarjur is a great space for many water dependent species and so it proved for me on that visit. Not so much for species seen but for the photographic opportunities it offered but only if one is prepared to sit and wait. I had seen a couple of Kingfishers flitting around on arrival so I decided to just wait adjacent to a perch they left. 47 mins later one, a female returned to pose for me. After a short while however a Clamorous Reed Warbler decided he wanted the same space. The interaction between the two species was interesting neither would give way until in frustration the Kingfisher gave up and flew to a less productive fishing perch around the corner.


Kingfisher interacts with a Clamorous Reed Warbler
Kingfisher and Clamorous Reed Warbler

Kingfisher gives up and moves on

Clamorous Reed Warbler the victor
Clamorous Reed Warbler

Black-headed Gulls by the beach full south of Askar
Black-headed Gulls

Eastern European - Siberian Gulls filled any vacant spaces not filled by the Black-headed gulls
Siberian Gulls

Glossy Ibis
Glossy Ibis

Great White Egret
Great White Egret

one of our wintering Marsh Harriers spent a unfruitful half hour or so hunting the marsh
Marsh Harrier

Moorhen always around always watching

Pair of Palm or more properly Laughing Doves
Palm or Laughing Doves

Grey Heron so many they are hard to ignore
Grey Heron

always around any brackish margins Temmincks Stint
Temmincks Stint

Caspian Tern currently breeding but get to close to a nest they can be rather aggressive otherwise will fly above to check you out
Caspian Tern

Which bring me onto Friday - Had intended an early start but got way-layed after finding two young local photographers at Adhari. I spent far too long chatting to get the early birds and ended up only with another stone chat, no regrets however loved their enthusiasm will take them out next weekend with me. I decided to pop in to the outfall at Ras Tubli and that proved so much better than anticipated even though the tide was out. It is one of those sites that a 3/4 tide is best.


At Tubli several Garganey were easily found but surprisingly that day no Teal with them or Mallard for that matter

One of many Shoveller they will venture way out into the open bay

Squacco Heron foun d along the back ditch, a fresh water drain outfall is always an interesting to look
Squacco Heron

Was watching this Western Reef Herons heron when he disturbed the bird of the weekend
Western Reef Herons

The over zealous charging about antics of the Western Reef thankfully were too much for the tiny in comparison Striated Heron to bare
Striated Heron disturbed by WRH

I hadn't noticed the Striated Heron crouched very low and hardly moving in its favoured fishing mode - this is probably only the 6th record for Bahrain. Although now having watched one for several hours, I know only too well now how easy it is to overlook or miss the species entirely.
Striated Heron disturbed by WRH

Striated Heron disturbed by WRH

Striated Heron disturbed by WRH

Striated Heron disturbed by WRH

Striated Heron disturbed by WRH



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