Post details: Windy but now dry but the good thing is migrants are on the move


Windy but now dry but the good thing is migrants are on the move

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This weekend was really frustrating, the weather although drafty was OK and there was at least plenty to photograph with the migration really beginning to take hold but and it was a big but, nothing really wanted to play ball. If it could move before the final click it did. Working around driving hazards, wet and waterlogged ground and access ways brought the usually results a sticky end as expected but it was the nature of many an encounter that was odd. It appeared that the birds had other things on there minds unfortunately having a snapshot taken wasn't one of them.

Black-eared Wheatear - female, a rather odd encounter just kept the same aspect to me all the time
Black-eared Wheatear

Blue Rock Thrush remain just the wrong side of close for a good picture
Blue Rock Thrush

Chiffchaff - fast feeders that wiz through a bush or tree approach not the problem - find focus and click speeds were



Great Grey Shrike
Great Grey Shrike

Great Grey Shrike

Hypocolius found a nice sized flock close to two hundred in a totally inaccessible site so I didnt spend much time watching after the generally bins count was done


Stonechat as confiding as ever but about to depart after wintering


Thrush large numbers around but always elusive

NOT a Red Throated Robin as I had guessed given its odd appearance turns out this is Black-throated Thrush female It was really hard work to get anywhere close to this bird but not upset I then got the ID wrong - IN FACT QUITE THE CONTRARY I'm really happy with the mistake as this turns out to be first for me
My thanks to people on my Twitter feed and to Gavin Farnell over in Qatar still there are over a dozens real Red throated around in Buri hopefully they will remain til next w/e
White-throated Robin

Black throated Thrush

Black throated Thrush

Black throated Thrush

The frustrates - included Corn and Ortalan Bunting, Red-throated, meadow and tree Pipits, Greater and Lesser Larks plus many warblers seen rather often glimpsed



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