Under the Patronage of His Majesty the King of Bahrain

H.M. Shaikh Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa

“The Arabian Ornithological and Conservation Conference Bahrain 2000”

Organised by the

Ministry of Housing Municipalities and Environment & The National Commission for Wildlife Protection


The Sheraton Hotel Bahrain

October  21st  to 25th   2000

Schedule At A Glance

Arrive Bahrain For

Saturday 21st October

1500 Hrs  - Late Afternoon Field trip Manama

20.00 Delegate Meet For Casual Social Dinner and briefing
by event organiser Howard King

Overnight Manama

Sunday 22nd October

09.30 Travel To Hawar Arrive For Buffet Brunch

13.00 Field Trip - Exploring Islands Of Hawar

20.00 Barbecue At Poolside – Sea Food  - Delights Of Hawar

Overnight Hawar

Monday 23rd

05.00 Early Morning Call

06.30 Full Day Exploring Islands Of Hawar Visiting The Bird Colonies

15.30 Return Hotel Hawar

17.00 Travel Back To Manama

20.00 Dinner Overnight Manama

Tuesday 24th

09.00 Hrs Opening Ceremony of Conference At Sheraton Hotel.


10.30 To 13.00 In Conference


14.30 To 17.30 In Conference.

17.30 Gala Dinner

Wednesday 25th

08.00 To 10.30 In Conference


12.30 To 13.00 Closing Speeches


15.00 Field Trip Manama

Wildlife Journalist, Consultants and Photographers

Julia Wheeler
BBC World Service

Michelle and  Peter  Wright – UAE
Arabian Wildlife Magazine and Media Wildlife consultants

John and Robert Nowell – UAE
Author “Bahrain Then and Now” Photographers/Authors Middle East Photo Library National Geographic Image library

Principle Guests

Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Abuzinada – KSA

The Secretary General NCWCD

Author of six books and some 40 scientific papers. recipient of seven international awards including the prestigious IUCN’s CNPPA Fred Packard Award for Distinguished Achievements in Wildlife Preservation and Environmental Protection, Caracas, Venezuela, 1992. Chair of the Arabian Plant Specialist Group; Chair of the IUCN West Asia Advisory Group and is a Vice Chair of the Species Survival Commission of IUCN. Chair Standing Committee of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals of the Bonn Convention. (Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Abuzinada is currently on sick leave recovering from surgery but never the less hopes to be well enough to travel)

Prof. Dr. John Waterbury USA

President, American University of Beirut  Lebanon and Prof. Emeritus Princeton USA.

Formally a Fulbright scholar to Egypt Ethiopia and Uganda and editor of the prestigious journal World Politics.  Before joining the faculty at Princeton taught at the University of Michigan severed as Middle East corespondent for the American University Field Staff  and Universite Aix-Marseille.  At Princeton taught Middle East Politics and political economy development at Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International affairs . Has extensively published and carried out a variety of research in developing countries  focusing on the politics of developing International river basins and Public ownership private enterprise and privatisation.(A serious birder)

Ornithologists and Birding authors.

Dr.Omar Al-Saghier - Yemen

Honorary Vice-President and Member  of The Ornithological Society of The Middle East, President Of The Yemen Ornithological Society

 Member of the British Society of Animal Science, UK. Member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Species Survival Commission (SSC), Gland,  Switzerland. Member of the working group on Houbara Bustard, Species Survival  Commission (SSC), IUCN

Dr.Adnan Budieri - Jordan

Head of Middle East & Central Asia Division BirdLife International

Author of the Important Wetlands in Jordan, IWRB, and Author of the Jordan chapter on Important Bird Areas in the Middle East, BirdLife International

Mr. Andrew Grieve - UK

Chairman Ornithological Society of the Middle East

<>Site Manager for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds for 33  years, managing three Protected Areas in northern England, UK. Involved in projects and surveys in Egypt since 1985 presently co-authoring a book on where to watch birds in Egypt and a country checklist.

Mr. Peter Meininger – Netherlands

Ornithologist (Co-) Edited Five Books Including ‘The Birds of Egypt’

Member of various Editorial Boards Ornithological Journals. Member Species Survival Commission, IUCN Founder of the Foundation for Ornithological Research in Egypt Former member of Dutch Seabird Group, the  Organisation for Bird Censuses in the Netherlands  and the Scientific Advisory Committee

Peter Castell - UK

Co-author of Collins Field Guide to Bird Nests, Eggs and Nestlings of Britain and Europe with North Africa and the Middle East

Currently extending the scope of this book to include all species breeding in the Arabian Peninsula . Has found and described the nests of almost 500 different species of birds in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

Mr. Michael C Jennings - UK

Co-Ordinator  “Atlas Of The Breeding Birds Of Arabia” and Founder member of the Ornithological Society of the Middle East

With 27 field visits to Arabian Peninsula Published the "Interim Atlas"  1995. Author of "Birds of the Arabian Gulf" (1981) and "The Birds of Saudi Arabia - a checklist" (1981). Editor of  "The Phoenix" newsletter numerous survey reports  and detailed draft bibliography of the Arabian avifauna.

Brian Meadows - KSA

Co-author of “The definitive Birds of East Africa - their habitat, status and distribution”

Environmental Monitoring Manager with the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu Wildlife Reserves. Listed in Who's Who in Ornithology. Elected Fellow of Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management.

Mr. Simon Aspinall - UAE

Author of "Status and Conservation of the Breeding Birds of the United Arab  Emirates” and co-author of “The Shell Birdwatching Guide to the United Arab Emirates”

Numerous scientific papers and popular articles published. Currently Director of the Environmental Studies Unit of the Abu Dhabi  Islands Archaeological, Survey. Previously serving as head of the Wildlife  Management Unit at Abu Dhabi’s National Avian Research Center and  Environment and Heritage Editor of UAE government newspaper. Member of two  IUCN  commissions and Emirates Bird Records Committee.

Colin Richardson - UAE

Author of "The Birds of the United Arab Emirates" and co-author of "The Shell Birdwatching Guide to the United Arab Emirates". Founder and compiler "Emirates Bird Report".

Acting Chairman of the Emirates Bird Records Committee and country's Bird Recorder. Co-founder of Dubai Natural History Group. Operates a Birdwatching Tour company, Hobby Holidays with tours to UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen for groups from Europe, Japan and America. Publisher and sponsor of books on Arabian birds, under the trade title of Hobby Publications.

Dr. Jens Eriksen - Oman

Compiled „Breeding Bird Atlas of Oman” and co-compiled „Oman Bird List, Edition 5” Co-author Birdlife in Oman,” Collect Birds on Stamps, Collect Mammals on Stamps,” and over fifty articles on birds.

Member OBRC and Recorder 1989-98. Consultant on the BBC film “Jewel of Arabia.” Winner twice Bird Photograph of the Year UK plus first prizes in several other countries. Associate Professor Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, since 1986.

Dr. Mike Hill - UK

Author/Co-Author photographer for  five books. including “Birds of Bahrain”

Consultant to the film “Bahrain - Land of  two waters 1991” with numerous  awards in BBC Wildlife Photographer of The Year. Recently Retired Physician lived in Bahrain 19 years

Mrs Hanne Eriksen - Oman

Wildlife photographer. Co-author “Birdlife in Oman,” Collect Birds on Stamps,” Collect Mammals on Stamps,” and over fifty articles on birds.

Winner twice Bird Photograph of the Year UK plus first prizes in several other countries. Consultant on the BBC film “Jewel of Arabia.”

Prof. Dr. Ghassan Ramadam Jaradi - Lebanon

Professor, Lebanese Univ. Nat. Sc. Lebanon. Secretary General of the National MAB Committee

Member of Lebanon Biodiversity National Steering Committee, Member of Lebanon Society for the Protection of Nature and Natural Resources (Partner Designate of BirdLife International) (Member of IUCN) And Ramsar Wetland Expert Database. Fellow/Member of the Zoological Society of London /U.K. Member of the Zoological Society of San Diego /U.S.A. Member of the International Primate Protection League (IPPL) U.S.A. Coordinator of BirdLife International. Involved in bird projects and surveys in France, UAE and Lebanon since 1972. Published several papers and photos on birds. Manager consultant of Palm Islands Nature Reserve, Lebanon (Protected Areas Project).

Dr. Philip Seddon - KSA

National Wildlife Research Center

IUCN Species Survival Commission Reintroduction Specialist Group: Chair Bird Section Bustard Specialist Group Houbara Bustard Advisory Group

Hyena Specialist Group IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas Task Force on Tourism and Protected Areas

Dr. Jacky Judas - KSA

National Wildlife Research Center

Responsible for the reintroduction program of Houbara Bustard in Mahazat.

Previously Ornithologist Amsterdam island in the French Southern and Antarctic Territories (Indian ocean) In charge of demographical monitoring of the nesting birds populations Albatrosses, Penguins, Skuas

Dr. Mona Ramadam Jaradi - Lebanon

Currently writing along with other co-authors an Arabic Dictionary of bird’s names and a Field Guide to the Birds of Protected Areas in Lebanon.

Ornithological Researcher at Lebanon National Council for Scientific Research, Member of Lebanese Forum. Member of the Society for the Protection of Nature and Natural Resources in Lebanon (Partner Designate of BirdLife International) (IUCN Member). Involved in bird projects and surveys in UAE and Lebanon since 1984. Bird tours organiser.

Dr. M. Akif Aykurt - Turkey

Co-founder of the Raptor Research Group Turkey Member Turkish Society for Scientific Research & Rehabilitation of Diurnal and Nocturnal Birds of Prey.

Former member of the  Ornithological Society in the Middle East. Field ornithologist and renown wildlife  photographer specialised in raptor biology as well as Turkish Avifauna.   

Mindy Baha Ed-Din - Egypt

Advisor Nature Conservation Sector Environmental Affairs Agency, Member, National Steering Committee, GEF-UNDP Small-Grants Programme

Environmental Consultant Advocate, Important Bird Areas (IBA) for Egypt, BirdLife International – UK Country Representative, Ornithological Society of the Middle East and Africa Bird Club – UK Member, Ecotourism Society, Wildlife Conservation Society, Conservation International and the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature in Jordan.. Has written over 45 publications and currently, co-authoring a guide, "Where to Watch Birds in Egypt".

Dr Mohammad Shobrak - KSA

Bird Ecologist at the National Commission for wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) TaifMember of the Scientific authorities of CITES in Saudi Arabia,  Chair the Bird group at the NCWCD,

Director of Mahazat  as-Sayd protected area, member of the Bird of Prey Study Group (IUCN), and Lecturer at Um Al Qurah University, Taif branch

Mr. Norman Van Swelm - Netherlands

Voorne Bird Observatory, Oostvoorne Netherlands

Responsible for colour-ringing Gulls Port of Rotterdam, and initiated colour-ring studies in a variety of countries including Russia and the Ukraine, tourleader, ecotours to South America, Africa and Asia.

Mr. Peter Hellyer - UAE

Founder and Managing Editor of bi-annual journal Tribulus. Author of several books on the UAE Including two on its archaeology. Contributed to the UAE chapters in ‘Important Bird Areas in the Middle East’ and the ‘Directory of Wetlands in the Middle East.

Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey,  Member, OSME, and Committee Member,  Emirates Natural History Group.  Formerly an adviser with the UAE Ministry of Information and Culture. Associate Member of the Emirates Bird Records Committee.

Tony Morris - UK

Member Ornithological Society of the Middle East and former member British Trust of Ornithology,

Bird recorder for Kent of the LNHS  Member Natural Environment Focus Group London Borough of Bexley On Steering  Committees nature reserve Crossness Sewage Works and the Dartford Marshes Project 

George Gregory - Kuwait

Life Fellow of British Trust of Ornithology & of Member OSME.,

Gibraltar Point Bird Observatory Team. Secretary OSK. Various articles and photos published. Teacher of Biology, currently at Kuwait English School. Graduate of Kings College, Cambridge. Former BTO 'A' Ringer, now retraining

Simon Awad - Palestine

Palestine Ornithological and Biodiversity Center Manager of ringing stations in Palestine ,'A' Ringer.

Graduate of Bethlehem University Researcher, educator, activity Coordinator in the Environmental Education Center .Researcher in IBA book ,important bird area in Palestine and researcher in Fauna Palestine field guide books.

Mr. Dirk Raes - Belgium

Moderator of the cr-birding e-group. European Colour-Ring Birding. Participant in VLINA-project Flanders Scheme.

Forester with the Ministery of Flemish Community  Forest Department in The Zonienwoud. Tour Guide for Ornithological Society de Wielewaal

Edwin W.A.M. Vaassen - Turkey

Co-founder of the Raptor Research Group Turkey, former member of the  Ornithological Society in the Middle East

Honorary Member and  initiator of the Turkish Society for Scientific Research &  Rehabilitation of Diurnal and Nocturnal Birds of Prey and the Raptor  Research & Rehabilitation Center Turkey. Member of the Raptor  Research Foundation; Raptor biologist, rehabilitator and  researcher on Eastern Mediterranean wetland eco-systems.

Imad Al Attrash - Palestine

Position: Executive Director /Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS) Birdlife International Representative. 

Projects with the Society & under my Responsibility: IBA's in Palestine Conservation of Wadi Gaza wetland area Migratory Birds Know No Boundaries/Regional Project. Conservation of habitat and Birds /Regional Project Together for Birds and People /Regional Project Dead Sea Area /Environmental awareness/Regional Project

Dr. Saeed Abdulla Mohammed - Bahrain

Honorary Vice President of the Ornithological Society of the Middle East. Representative of BirdLife International (Middle East Division) Bahrain

Author of Birds of Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf (in Arabic), Translated to Arabic the Field Guide for the Birds of the Middle East by Porter et al, Associate Professor of Ecology and Biodiversity (Arabian Gulf University), Director of Alreem Environmental Consultation & Ecotourism.. Member of the steering committee of the IUCN Protected Areas Commission in North Africa and the Middle East. Member of the Bahrain Natural History Society, 

Steve James  - UAE

Emirates Natural History Society, Bird Recorder

Howard King  - Bahrain

Author “The Breeding Birds of Hawar”. Bahrain Bird Recorder since 1994.

Land Surveyor by profession but amateur ornithologist and avid environmentalist by choice. Spokesperson for the Birds. Created in 1996 the “Bahrain Bird Report” Internet site the Gulf’s first dedicated Birding Site.

Scientific Guests

Dr Hany Tatwany - KSA

International Cooperation Advisor Board of Directors to Secretary National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development NCWCD

Dr. Eugene Joubert - KSA

IUCN consultant to NCWCD

DSc in Wildlife Management and has been involved in conservation for 35 years.  He is a member of the IUCN’s Commission for Protected Areas and the Species Survival Commission.  In the latter he serves on several specialist groups, and contributed to the Black Rhino Action Plan and Antelope Action Plan.  He has published more than 80 scientific papers covering a wide scope of ecological and conservation related issues, contributed chapters to several books and recently published a book on the plight of rhinoceroses.  For the past seven years he has been the IUCN Technical Advisor to the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) in Saudi Arabia

Mr. Ronald Anthony LoughLand - UAE

Principle Environmental Researcher for the Commission of Environmental Research Emirates Heritage Club, on Al Sammaliah Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE Formerly Wildlife Ecologist at ERWDA Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Ghazi Hijji Al-Musalami - KSA

Associate with the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu

Environmental Monitoring Scientist previously with Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Agriculture and Water screening environmental impacts shrimp-farming on Red Sea coast.

Adel Salem Khalifa Tuwairesh Al Saeedi - UAE

Environmental Researcher Commission of Environmental Research

Agriculture Sciences experience in Animal Physiology, Desert Ecology, Production of Farm and Poultry Animal Farm Diseases, Biotechnology and Organic chemistry.   

Omar Attum – Egypt

Pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Biology University of Louisville, USA Researching Resource

Partitioning and Behavioral Ecology of Sand Dune Skinks and Examining the effects of grazing on the flora, insect and reptile population of a  sand dune community in Zaranik Protected Area, North Sinai, Egypt. Contributor to Kentucky A field, Kentucky Monthly, Rural Outdoorsman, Egypt Today, Cairo Times, 1000 Words in a Picture