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The task is not easy - to name the Wheatear shown here -
Is it  Male or Female - a Pied  O. pleschanka,  Black-eared  O. hispanica,  Finsch's  O. finschii
or something else like a hybrid/cross O. pleschanka / O. hispanica
March 16th 2006
Opinions from replies recieved thus far - do not agree on species
The dark markings on the throat  might provide the clue
The two Photographs below were taken a few days later than the two above we think its the same bird
but obviously cannot ever be 100 percent certain

We are fortunate to have Juhani Kyyrö here in Bahrain with us-  his Digital Nikon equipped with 600mm lens
has introduced a new element to our Birding its called "Help"
With the digital format it is possible to take an enormous number of  images of any species encountered some turn out brilliant like these

Photographs by Juhani Kyyrö   check out his extensive library of pictures

                                    email: or  ---  tel mobile Bahrain (+973) 39642739