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Week 8, 25 Feb 07 - Sabah al Ahmad Natural Reserve

My family and I decided to head for the Reserve on National Day in Kuwait, although it was windy, the conditions were still warm and favourable. The following images by Mike Pope

On the way in, we found an obliging Dhub sunning itself outside its burrow, normally they head for the bottom of the burrow before you stop.


The pool at Tuhla has been re-designed and should deliver the birds during migration. It is peacuful to sit on a comfortable chair waiting for the birds to come to you.


We almost had a clean sweep of Wagtails, I found this magnificent Yellow Wagtail (feldegg or melamogrisea?) along the banks of the pool

Yellow Wagtail

Whilst I was exploring with Jaden, Gill was quick enough to grab my camera and take photographs of a magnificent Grey Wagtail and then a White Wagtail. Full marks here, for her quick thinking and two great images

Grey Wagtail

White Wagtail

More Stonechats hawking around the trees near the pool



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Week 8, 22 Feb 07 - Sulaibikhat Reserve

My son and I popped out early on Saturday morning to have a quiet drive around the reserve and along the coastline and for Jaden to ride his bike on the sand roads outside the reserve . The following images by Mike Pope

A pair of Graceful Prinias took advantage of the pools created, whilst the new trees were being watered

Graceful Prinia

This Isabelline Shrike was enjoying the early morning sun

Isabelline Srike

We spent some time in the hide in front of the small pool and enjoyed the antics of this Bluethroat



A large warbler suddenly appeared, it has now been identified as a Clamorous Reed Warbler.

Clamorous Reed Warbler

The Long tail Shrike is still present and one feels compelled to continue taking photographs of this great bird in its fresh plumage

Long tailed Shrike

A flock of Spanish Sparrows were feeding near the reedbed and this male presented itself for a brief moment

Spanish Sparrow

There were a variety of Stonechats all over the reserve, this male was the most obliging


A few of the Black headed Gulls are coming into breeding plumage, this one was feeding over the outfall

Black headed Gull


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Week 7, 17 Feb 07 - Sabah al Salem

My family eventually arrived in Kuwait on the 1st February, as a result there has been an intentional lull. The weather has turned warmer, Kuwait has some colour and is greener by desert terms and the feeling of the coming spring migration is showing signs. The following images by Mike Pope

The dry sabkha at Sabal al Salem is now interspersed with a show of tiny yellow flowers

Sabah al Salem

The White Wagtails were out in force today, catching gnats around the reedbeds

White Wagtail

This female Stonechat was also very actively feeding amongst the reeds

Stonechat Female

A large mixed flock of Hirundines, consisting of Barn and Red rumped Swallows, House Martins and 2 Common Swifts in amongst the Pallid's were hawking and feeding on the gnats above the reeds and water. This Barn Swallow looks resplendent with its long streamers

Barn Swallow

This Red Rumped Swallow took a break in feeding for a little preening

Red rumped Swallow

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Week 4 - The Finnish Birders

Two groups of Finnish Birders were over to notch up some wintering Western Palearctic specials and cracked almost all of the WP birds on their target list. This was achieved with the help and hospitality of ex-pat and local birders Brian Foster, Pekka Fagel, George Gregory and Khaled Al Nasarallah. Some of the star birds were: Grey Hypocolius, Red wattled Lapwing, Common Babbler, Dunns Lark, Red vented Bulbul and Bank Mynah. There are always those dips to come back for like Indian Roller and Eversmanns Redstart

This was taken at Tuhla in SAANR where Khaled Al Nasarallah hosted the two groups. From left to right Hannu Palojarvi, Khaled, Jukka Ihanus, Pekka Fagel (receiving news on the Eversmanns Redstart at Falaika), Markku Santamu, Keijo Wahlroos and Ilkka Sahi

Finns at Tuhla

Searching the low tide beach just west of Kuwait Towers

The Finns

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George Gregory

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Brian Foster

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