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Week 48, 24 November 07 - Jahra East Outfall

Brian Foster and I were out at Jahra East this morning to search for Buff-bellied Pipit. However, we had to sift through many Pipits before we eventually located it. Images by Mike Pope

Water Pipits were the most prevalent on the bermuda grass at Jahra East, enjoying the small pools left by the previous evenings high tide

Water Pipit

Water Pipit

In amongst all the Water Pipits, we found a few Meadow Pipits

Meadow Pipit

Meadow Pipit

A Red throated Pipit in partial summer plumage was seen

Red throated Pipit

Meadow Pipit

These images are thought to be of Red throated Pipit in winter plumage, if anyone has alternate suggestions I would be happy to hear from you

Red throated Pipit?

Red throated Pipit?

An easier bird to identify was this lone Starling that landed in the reedbed


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Week 46 and 47, November 07 - Jahra East Outfall

Just when we thought birding was quietening down for winter, Rashed and Adbulrahman reported a host of superb records from Jahra East. Rashed is our eyes on the ground at JEO and he has found and photogrpahed some really good birds at this site over the past year. These records are all subject to final acceptance by KORC. Images by Rashed Al-Hajji and Abdulrahman Al Sirhan

On 15 November, Rashed found and photographed the 2nd record of Calandra Lark for Kuwait. Unfortunately the bird was not relocated on subsequent visits by those who missed it

Calandra Lark

On 18 November, Rashed found and photographed a Great Bittern, which is a fantastic record anywhere. Unfortunately the bird was also not relocated on subsequent visits by those who missed it

Great Bittern

22 November was a big day with two fantastic records. The first was a Golden Plover found and photogrpahed by Rashed and this is the 1st record of this species for Kuwait. Unfortunately this bird was not relocated on subsequent visits by those who missed it

Golden Plover

Golden Plover

The second record today was found and photogrpahed by Abdulrahman and this was a Buff bellied Pipit, in amongst many Water and Meadow Pipits. This is the 2nd record of this species for Kuwait. The bird was subsequently seen again by Mike and Brian, but was too far for any further photographs

Golden Plover

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Week 46, 18 November 07 - Jahra Pools

A few Harriers were present and flying around Jahra Pools today. Image by Adbulmohsen Al Alsuraye

Abdulmosen photographed this Hen Harrier among other Harriers at Jahra Pool. Not a common passage bird through Kuwait and identified by the rounded wings with 5-fingers

Hen Harrier


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Week 46, 17 November 07 - SAANR

I have my father-in-law visiting us, so showed him the solitude and sanctity of the SAANR. Images by Mike Pope

Birding was very subdued in the reserve today, but this Long legged Buzzard shows its classic underwing pattern in flight

Long legged Buzzard

This European Griffon was a long way off, but a first for me. I have added this image purely as a record shot

European Griffon

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Week 46, 16 November 07 - SAANR

Pekka visited SAANR on Friday and found birding rather quiet

Pekka re-located the Red tailed Wheatear in the same wadi in the reserve

Red tailed Wheatear

A Blackbird was amongst some of the European birds like Song Thrush and Robin that winter in Kuwait



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Week 45, 10 November 07 - Pivot Fields and Sulaibikhat

Pekka visited Pivot Fields and I tried Sulaibikhat late on Saturday afternoon

Pekka found and photographed a False Cobra at the Pivot Fields. Snakes are relatively scarce in Kuwait, so this sighting did create some excitement

False Cobra

I tried Sulaibikhat late in the afternoon and was unsuccessful in locating the Long tail Shrike - early morning does seem the best time for this visitor. However, the number of Greater Flamingos in the Bay has increased with many juveniles present in the growing flock. Image by Mike Pope

Greater Flamingos

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Week 45, 09 November 07 - Doha East, Abdaly and SAANR

Pekka was on his own today and explored from the south to the north of the country. Images by Pekka Fagel

First stop was Doha East, where an albino Water Pipit was found in a group of 'normal' Pipits

Albino Water Pipit

Next on the itiniary was SAANR where Pekka located Mourning Wheatear

Mourning Wheatear

A Desert Wheatear was also seen near one of the wadi's

Desert Wheatear

The long drive to Abdaly at the northern border was successful in terms of finding the Common Babblers for our visiting birders in December

Common Babbler

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Rarity at the Pivot Fields

It was the turn of the Pivot Fields to provide a rarity in November

A Spur winged Plover was found and photogrpahed by Abdulmoshen at the Pivot Fields on 9 November 2007. This represents the 7th record for Kuwait. Image by Abdulmoshen Alsuraye

Spur winged Plover


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Week 44, 03 November 07 - Sulaibikhat and Pivot Fields

Brian and Pekka visited Sulaibikhat and the Pivot Fields today and had some great birding. Images by Pekka Fagel

They were delighted to discover that last years 'lazy' Long tailed Shrike had opted for the short haul back to the sanctuary of Sulaibikhat Reserve for its second winter in a row. This will be really good news for the two groups of birders visiting Kuwait in December

Long tailed Shrike

Long tailed Shrike

Some time at the pivot fields after last weeks visit was essential, the Lapwing count had increased to 134, but the Wood Pigeons had decreased to 12

Wood Pigeons

After much searching the Indian Roller was not relocated, but they did find a lone Roller


A flock of 29 White Storks were the first for this autumn.

White Storks

Possibly the same juvenile Long legged Buzzard is still in the area due to the abundance of food in the fields

Long legged Buzzard

We reccored 50 Namaqua Doves as a new highest daily count around the fields

Namaqua Dove

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Week 44, 02 November 07 - Al Abraq

Brian and Pekka trekked out to the oasis at Al Abraq and found it very quiet today. It is a calculated risk we take for the long round trip drive, that often pays off as we know. Images by Pekka Fagel

The Red breasted Flycatchers have returned to most sites and are really graceful and dainty birds

Red breasted Flycatcher

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