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Week 7, 16 February 2008 - Scientific Center, Salmiya

Brian Foster and Pekka Fagel were out exploring the north western corner of Kuwait, in the hope of locating Thick billed Larks. Images by Pekka Fagel

No Thick billed Larks, but they were rewarded with a total of 6 Desert Larks near Salmi

Desert Lark

Desert Lark

A stop at Al Abraq produced 2 Hoopoes. Spring is in the air with reports of Yellow Wagtail and Chiffchaff arriving in small numbers, the coming weeks will be exciting in Kuwait


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Week 7, 16 February 2008 - Scientific Center, Salmiya

I was testing my Canon 100-400mm zoom, whilst my son was riding his bike from the Scientific Center. Images by Mike Pope

A Cormorant had taken shelter out of the wind and cold which surprised us this weekend


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Week 7, 11 and 12 February 2008 - Al Hamra Resort - Ras al Khaimah, UAE

I was on business in RAK for a few days and managed to get in a stroll around the hotel gardens and golf course before breakfast one morning. Images by Mike Pope

I found this Graceful Prinia preening in the early morning sun

Graceful Prinia

A most obliging White cheeked Bulbul

White cheeked Bulbul

I was delighted to find 2 Striated Herons along the lagoon adjoining the golf course. The first I have seen since arriving in the Region. This one was a juvenile

Striated Heron

Striated Heron

A little further on, I came across an adult bird

Striated Heron

Striated Heron


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Week 6, 09 February 2008 - Green Island, Kuwait Towers, University, Doha North and Jahra East

Pekka Fagel, Brian Foster and I had a morning exploring the coast line from Green Island all the way to Jahra East. The cold tempratures of winter are behind us and there is a distinct feeling that spring is in the air. Images by Mike Pope

Our first stop was Green Island, where we were delighted to find 16 Grey Hypocolius feeding just inside the entrance. This male appropriately has the Kuwait Flag as a backdrop

Grey Hypocolius

The light improved for this male bird

Grey Hypocolius

The much drabber female Hypocolius

Grey Hypocolius

Another guarenteed bird at Green Island is the Red vented Bulbul, although they can be pretty elusive

Red vented Bulbul

A stop at Kuwait Towers gave us a pair of Bank Mynas

Bank Mynas

We searched the University for Indian Roller without luck, but we found this Song Thrush foraging in the gardens

Song Thrush

The pool at Sulaibikhat reserve has dried up due to lack of water, no sign of the Long tailed Shrike, but still many Spanish Sparrows, this is a female

Spanish Sparrows

A good looking male Stonechat at Sulaibikhat


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Week 5, 02 February 2008 - Pivot Fields and Kebd

Dr Gary Brown was out at the Pivot Fields earlier in the month and then had a morning at Kebd with one of our visiting groups. Images by Dr Gary Brown

Cattle Egrets enjoy foraging in the freshly cut fields

Cattle Egret

A Greater Spotted Eagle gets a height advantage on top of the irrigation system

Greater Spotted Eagle

The Dunns Larks at Kebd is a major attraction for WP listers

Dunns Lark

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