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Birding Kuwait

2007 The Kuwait Bird Report 2007

Ornithological Society of Kuwait (OSK)
(Under declaration)
Kuwait Ornithological Rarities Committee (KORC)
Bird Monitoring and Protection Team (BMAPT)

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Kuwait Ornitholigical Records Committee (KORC)
At the time the report was published 10/10/2008 the KORC members were as follows:
The resident Kuwait members:
1- Mike Pope chairman
2- AbdulRahman Al-Sirhan secretary
3- Pekka Fågel member
The external members:
1- Dr Peter Cowan member
2- George Gregory member
This 2007 report was compiled by Abdulrahman Al-Sirhan, the OSK chairman
Kuwait based observers during 2007

Abdulrahman Al-Sirhan, Abdulmuhsen Al-Suraye, Badr Al-Attar, Brian Foster, E.Delima, Dr Gary Brown, George Gregory, Hani Al-Mawash, Hussain Al-Qallaf, Khalid Al-Ghanim, Khalid Al-Nasrallah, Misha´l Al-Jeriwi, Mark Chichester, Mohammed Khamis, Mike Pope, Mahmoud Shehab, Pekka Fågel, Rashed Al-Hajji, Samira Al-Khalifa, Zaid Al-Nasser..

International Visitors
Belgians Group: 27/12–4/1/2008 Kris De Rouck and Dirk Colin
1st British Group: 3–9/4/2007 Chris Batty, Richard Bonser, Andy Clifton and Andrew Holden
2nd British Group: 4–13/4/2007 Sean Cole, Alex Parker, Rob Thatcher, Don Sykes.
3rd British Group: 16–24/4/2007 Graeme Joynt, Colin Dodsworth, Thomas Francis and Stewart Hinley.
1st Finish Group: 24–31/1/2007 Ilkka Sahi, Keijo Wahlroos, Hannu Palojärvi, Jukka Ihanus, Markku Santamaa
2nd Finish Group: 5–9/12/2007 Kari Haataja, Vesa Jouhki.
Norwegian Group: 30/3–9/4/2007 Jarl Nystrom, Oivind Syvertsen.
1st Swedish Group: 19–31/3/2007 Jan-Michael Breider, Christer Brostam, Bosse Carlsson, Per Forsberg, Seppo Haavisto, Sven Karlsson, Staffan Rodebrand and Johan Sandström.
2st Swedish Group: 21/12/2007–2/1/2008 Johan Fagefors, Arne Holgersson, Olof Jönsson, Hans Larsson, Stefan Magnusson.
Mike Newey: Australian visitor.


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Week 40 - 01 October 2008, Pivot Fields

Iain had the opportunity to get out to the Pivot Fields a few times this week. Images by Iain Laver

Cattle Egrets are often found near or under the irrigation stalking and catching insects

Cattle Egret

Common Kestrels are found hovering and hunting in between the larger raptors

Common Kestrel

Black Kites are still the predomnant raptor at the Pivot Fields, with juveniles being more striking than adult birds, in my opinion

Black Kite

Black Kite

Iain was fortunate to witness piracy of prey (a frog) between 2 Common Buzzards. In these images the bird in the foreground has snatched away the half eaten frog from the bird in the background and devoured it as quickly as possible.

Common Buzzard

Common Buzzard

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