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Week 08 - 20 February 2009, Al Abraq, Jahra Farm, Doha Spur and Sulaibikhat

On this outing again, the weather was not perfect, dust and wind out in the western desert made conditions unpleasant. At Al Abraq I met up with Pierre Crochet and the other french birders as well as Rick Saval. Spring migration has started with a variety of birds been seen individually or in very small groups. Images by Mike Pope

A lone Cattle Egret foraging in the fields at Al Abraq.

Cattle Egret

Willow Warblers were present in smaller numbers than Chiffchaffs

Willow Warbler

One of the first Grey Wagtails of the spring, a stunning male

Grey Wagtail

By now the wind had started generating swirling dust, so I headed back to the coast. I stopped to photography this Steppe Eagle perched on the berm

Steppe Eagle

And was rewarded with an adult Egyptian Vulture soaring overhead at speed on the wind. This is my first in Kuwait, so I was really pleased. Again it shows that you can't stop looking during migration, as you really never know what is going to cross your path.

Egyptian Vulture

Jahra Farms and Doha Spur were very quiet - although I did see that the Slender and Black headed Gulls are looking fine in their breeding plumage. Next stop was at Sulaibikhat where I found a large group of Grey Herons feeding on the mud flats

Grey Heron

My last stop was at Sharq fishing harbour where I had hoped to photograph the gulls seen earlier in breeding plumage. There werent any around, but I was rewarded with 2 fine Pallas Gulls in the company of Steppe/Caspian Gulls

Pallas Gull

Pallas Gull


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Week 06 - 07 February 2009, JEO, SAANR and Jahra Farms

I hadnt been out since 1 January and was undettered by the inclement weather (rain, wind and poor light) today. Birding overall was understandably dismal, but we had good company with Pekka Fagel, Rick Saval, Jens Toettrup and Simon Price. Images by Mike Pope

After visiting JEO and SAANR, I was starting to despair that I hadnt yet taken a photograph. At Jahra Farms the long staying Indian Roller was still present, although it was skittish. I thought I missed the shot as it flew by at speed assisted by the wind; but on checking later at home saw that the images were acceptable.

Indian Roller

Indian Roller

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