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Week 48 - 26 November 2009, Jahra Pools Reserve

On the 25th November we had a low pressure cell over Kuwait which over the Eid weekend brought in almost 70mm of rain during a 30-hour period. Ouda Al Bathali was at Jahra Pools Reserve and found a White tailed Eagle, a first for Kuwait Images by Simon Price

I passed the news onto Simon, who visited the reserve in inclement weather on the afternoon of 26 November and he managed to see and photograph the sub adult White tailed Eagle - a magnificent raptor. I was at the reserve on 27th and 29th but did not relocate the bird. However, it was seen yesterday again by Rick Saval closer to the coast, so that is good news.

White tailed Eagle

Whilst at the pools, Simon also found a lone Tufted Duck, but this bird showing the white face at the base of the bill which is uncommon on the female Tufted Ducks

Female Tufted Duck


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