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Week 07 - 13 February 2010, Jahra and Sulaibikhat

SAANR is not accessible for the next 10-days and Pivot Fields wasnt accessible today. I was giving a new birder in Kuwait, Ginell Osario a tour of the accessible sites so the only one's left were those around Jahra and Sulaibikhat. The really cold weather of last week is now behind us, but today we had cloud cover till quite late in the morning. Images by Mike Pope

The first stop was Jahra East Outfall which is looking a little overgrown along the channel - good birds were Moustached and Great Reed Warbler and Mountain Chiffchaff. No photographic opportunities so we pushed on to Jahra Pools while it was still overcast. As usual a Marsh Harrier was putting up the birds on each sortie over the pools and he wasnt successful while we were watching

Marsh Harrier

Even the Purple Gallinule headed for cover

Purple Gallinule

The numbers of Little Crake have certainly increased - here an adult male

Little Crake

Little Crakes (unlike Baillon’s Crake) are sexually dimorphic, so this is a female

Little Crake

Ducks were well represented today with Shoveller and these Gadwall


Some Garganey


and a lone Mallard drake


Coot numbers are still encouraging


Next stop was Jahra Farm where the first birds seen were Bank Myna's

Bank Myna

Green Toads had tadpoles in one of the small holding ponds - this appears to be the male

Green Toad

and another two joined at the hip, so to speak

Green Toad

We then headed toward Kuwait City, stopping at the spur in Sulaibikhat - where I framed this Curlew in a sea of dead vegetation


I surprised this Litte Egret feeding in a channel below the road

Little Egret

In Sulaibikhat Bay I found a huge flock of Great Cormorants, many in breeding plumage which I have not seen before

Great Cormorants

Thought we would try and check if Lesser Flamingo was still around, but way too many Greaters to sift through and not enough time to do that.

Greater Flamingo


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Week 06 - 06 February 2010, Green Island and Sahara Golf Club

We have had almost a week of overcast cool weather with intermittent rain - great for the desert, but challenging for photography. Images by Mike Pope

I spent 45-minutes at Green Island early one of the mornings, no Hypocolius today - all the fruit they were feeding on is gone, so it appears they have moved on - who knows where though. I did get a Pied Kingfisher hunting in the sea near the entrance gate

Pied Kingfisher

A House Crow stopped on the tower, but almost immediately departed without waiting for its photograph to be taken - I hadnt seen a House Crow in over a year. You can see from this image why the White cheeked Bulbul is so named

White cheeked Bulbul

I only found one Red vented Bulbul - against the gloomy grey sky

Red vented Bulbul

I found a pale morph Western Reef Heron feeding around the inner lagoon

Western Reef Heron

Western Reef Heron

Great Cormorants are now pretty common all along the coast during the winter months

Great Cormorant

Great Cormorant

I saw a shadow pass over me, looked up and got a Pallas Gull flying over and away from me to land some distance away next to another floating on the sea

Pallas Gull

On a brisk morning yesterday, watching my son have his golf lessons at the green Sahara Golf Club, I saw the first Hoopoe of the coming Spring and a Kestrel hunting from the high spotlights


However, the highlight of the weekend was seeing two Red Foxes casually grooming themselves at the edge of the driving range oblivious to any wayward shots from the practising golfers - that is until the tractor picking up the balls got too close to them. Nevertheless, a real treat.

Red Fox

Red Fox

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