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Kuwait Bird Report 2008

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The purpose of the annual bird report is to document bird occurrences and their habitats in
Kuwait from 01 January to 31 December 2008.
This report lists all the birds that have been seen in Kuwait during 2008 as reported to the
Kuwait Environment Protection Society, Ornithological Society of Kuwait (OSK) and the
Kuwait Ornithological Rarity Committee (KORC). All the records in this report have been
validated, adjudicated and accepted by KORC.


Although we are almost at the end of 2009, this is report has been delayed because of the
time it takes in gathering records and sightings from individuals websites, birders lists,
adjudicating them and inputting the records into the Kuwait Birds Database to produce an
accurate report.
The Kuwait Ornithological Rarities Committee has again worked very hard this year and
reviewed and accepted 33 records out of 37 completed KORC Forms that have been
submitted to KORC.
This report has been consolidated and created from 4785 records that have been collected
from many sightings and submitted records by many bird watchers and visitors during the
2008 year. All these records have been added to Kuwait Birds Database.
There has been growth in the number of Kuwaiti birdwatchers and photographers and
together with international visitors; Kuwait’s profile and status is gaining momentum as a
birding hot spot especially during the exciting spring and autumn migration. This in turn
has raised the birding ‘profile’ of Kuwait in the international birding world and as a direct
result; this coverage has produced more records and sightings which improved the overall
birding picture of Kuwait. However, this fantastic local and international exposure has
highlighted the importance of more stringent conservation and protection policies to ensure
this marvel called migration can be sustained and continue to be enjoyed by future
generations and the growing number of local and international birders who come to Kuwait
to enjoy this rewarding pastime.
As a result of this increase in observers, there has been an increase in the number of new
records and new firsts for Kuwait. Five (5) new birds have been added to Kuwait list as
opposed to four (4) of the year 2007. Twenty eight (28) vagrant species have been recorded
this year as opposed to twenty (20) of last year.
Although Kuwait enjoyed good birding this year, even more indiscriminate and
unnecessary bird shooting has been seen by local and visiting birders. This has annoyed
and frustrated the visiting birders who did not expect to see this in Kuwait, especially since
Kuwait Bird Report 2008
the neighbouring countries has much less bird shooting than in Kuwait which are enforced
with more formal and regulated conservation and hunting policies.
The report also documents some of our initiatives to improve conservation awareness and
the need for bird habitat protection together with minimizing habitat destruction.
One of OSK’s key objectives is to collectively work toward conservation and protection of
birds and their habitat whilst making inroads to educate the public in being more aware of
the need for protection, conservation and pride in the natural heritage that Kuwait, as a
desert state has to offer.


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