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Week 03 - 15 January 2011, Pivot Fields, Jahra Pools Reserve and SAANR

After a big night on Friday and the inclement weather on Saturday, staying in bed with a book was very tempting. But, us birders know better and bad weather can often produce good birds and so it was for my first outing on 2011 in Kuwait. All images today were taken with flash, which I am still trying to improve. Images by Mike Pope

I headed out to Pivot Fields in overcast and dull conditions with blustery winds and intermittent showers, which is great for a desert, just not for photography. Arriving early, it took some time before birds started showing. A Daurian Shrike was seen a the croc pond

Daurian Shrike

A Steppe Buzzard that appears to have remained for the winter

Steppe Buzzard

I saw one of the now regular winter Golden Plovers flying with a flock of Northern Lapwings, before finding the Indian Roller which has stayed at this location for some weeks now

Indian Roller

I located a single Buff-bellied Pipit in the same area as the bird I found last winter, this time in the company of many Water Pipits and a lone Red-throated Pipit

Buff-bellied Pipit

Buff-bellied Pipit

Pierre Crochet alerted me to a small flock of 4 Richards Pipits in the SW corner of the farm and I was able to add my first Kuwait lifer on my first outing of the year, so was pleased with that

Richards Pipit

Khaled Alghanim had told me the Jahra Pools outfall had been fixed and the pools were flooded and would now remain so. I headed out there as the weather worsened, but was rewarded with a lone Great Black-headed Gull

Great Black-headed Gull

My last stop was a quick drive around SAANR, but wind and cold kept the birds very low. This is a puffed up Isabelline Wheatear, which flushed as I drove past

Isabelline Wheatear

Only a Grey Heron at Tuhla, so I drove to the wadi pan which is now a lake - so will be great for Spring migration. On route, I photographed another puffy Isabelline Wheatear showing black lores

Isabelline Wheatear

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