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Kuwait Annotated Checklist of Birds
Compiled by: A Al-Sirhan, KORC Secretary
20 June 2010
The Kuwait Annotated Checklist of Birds follows OSME Region List and its nomenclature and is
validated, endorsed and approved by Kuwait Ornithological Rarities Committee (KORC). It aims
to be the most current and definitive checklist for Kuwait. It will be reviewed and updated after
every KORC meeting, as new species are added and submitted Rarity Forms adjudicated.
It draws heavily on past records published by George Gregory (Gregory 2005), Kuwait list 2008
(Gregory 2008), the late Charles Pilcher’s Kuwait database that includes all past records from 1935
up to 2003 and all published Annual Bird Reports from 2001-2008 .
KORC is still reviewing past records and collecting data to ensure the checklist is as accurate as
possible. It is also documenting new records, collecting and authenticating completed KORC
Forms submitted from observers, and maintaining a Kuwait Bird Sightings database that up to now
includes 37835 sightings.
The status of each bird is stated under each species’ name and is what KORC has agreed based on
current knowledge. The Highest Daily Count (HDC) is stated under the status is taken from the last
published Kuwait Bird Report and is updated before the next Kuwait Bird Report is published.
Calculating the HDC involves collecting, collating and adding data to the database to calculate the
maximum daily count.
KORC has agreed that Rarity Reports must be submitted for the first 15 sightings of all vagrants
recorded and once that number has been reached then the status of that species will be reviewed
and possibly revised.

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KORC Kuwait 2010 Checklist

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