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Tan Phu Forest, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam - May 2008

I was fortunate enough to have some free time on a recent business trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to get out into the Tan Phu Forest with a local guide, Bao. May is the start of the wet season and is not ideal for photography in general and birding isnt as good as it is in breeding season from January to March. Nevertheless, some good birds were to be had in this forest biome, but apologies for some of the image qualities - under the circumstances it was the best I could do. Images by Mike Pope

Eurasion Tree Sparrows are common all around the city and parks.

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

At the start of the walk we came across Malkhoa's and a pair of Scarlet Minavets at the very top of tree against an overcast sky.

Scarlet Minavet

In the Tan Phu forest we found a small group of Buff breasted Babblers


We were fortunate to get a glimpse of the Blue naped Pitta, but no possibility of a photograph. However, I was more fortunate with the Orange breasted Trogon, sitting in a small shaft of sunlight - a stunning bird

Orange breasted Trogon

From the forest we headed to the hot lake, but needed to take shelter from a brief downpour - this Swordtail also took shelter from the rain.


At the hot lake Eastern Imperial Pigeons were quite abundant

Eastern Imperial Pigeon

These two Hill Myna's were very vocal in the top of the palm

Hill Myna

A Wooly necked Stork was seen circling on a thermal above the forest

Wooly necked Stork

We were lucky to find this magnificent Black and Red Broadbill, photographed against the light in the canopy

Black and Red Broadbill

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