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Ringed 3/6/2013 in Bahrain by Abdulla AlKaabi sadly recovered after it was shot in Saudi Arabia south Jeddah - distant 1300kms from Bahrain

Number: DE35152; BTO NHMU EUM, London

SW7 www.ring.ac

Bird collected on (29th September 2014) from Majarma 150 km south of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the coast by a falconer. The bird was passed to the NWRC,at Taif.



‘vittata’ Pied Wheatear

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A recently ringed ‘vittata’ Pied Wheatear by Abdulla - a rare ssp for Bahrain

Pied Wheatear



A long tale with a ring to it

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You might be interested to learn the details of ringing of the White Stork found dead at the Bahrain Refinery in September 1942!

I doubt if this bird was reported at the time of recovery (i.e. during WW2) and as far as I know it was not reported at the time the Bahrain Nat Hist Soc Newsletter published it's 'From the archives' in June 1997, see attached.

It took two unsuccessful attempts to get the details from the Lithuanian ringing scheme and in the end I ask EURING for help on this. Better late than never.

Mike Jennings

Co-ordinator: Atlas of the breeding birds of Arabia project.
Editor: Phoenix newsletter (ISSN 0268-487X).
Tel: 01487 841733. Intl: 00441487 841733.

-----Original Message----- From: Ricardas Patapavicius
Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 2:41 PM
To: arabianbirds at dsl.pipex.com
Subject: Re: Euring Web Recovery email to scheme: B 3973

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your information concerning recovery of ringed bird.
Please find attached a ringing/recovery data form.

Best regards,
Ricardas Patapavicius
The Head of Lithuanian Bird Ringing Centre

Lithuanian Bird Ringing Centre
Zoological Museum
Laisves aleja 106
LT-44253 Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel.: +370-7-205870
Telefax: +370-7-229675 (Museum's)

From: Mike Jennings
Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 4:26 PM
To: zcentras at takas.lt
Subject: Fw: Recovery of Ciconia ciconia on Bahrain Island, Arabia

You may not have received this?

I would be interested to get your reply.

Michael Jennings

----- Original Message ----- From: Mike Jennings
To: zcentras at takas.lt
Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2013 1:59 PM
Subject: Recovery of Ciconia ciconia on Bahrain Island, Arabia

To Lithuanian Ringing Scheme

Dear Sir,

I understand a White-Stork Ciconia ciconia was found dead at the oil refinery on the island of Bahrain, on 4 September 1942. It held a ring marked "Univesite Kaunas Lithuanie B 3973". (There is a little confusion about the species which may have been a Grey Heron Ardea cineria).

As part of my atlas project of Arabian birds I hold a small database of ringing and marked birds within Arabia. I would greatly appreciate it if you could advise me of the details of ringing of the above bird.

If you have any other birds that have been recovered in Arabia (that is the states of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and United Arab Emirates) I would be very pleased to have the details. In turn if you need any information about Arabia I shall be pleased to send it.


Michael Jennings

Coordinator: Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Arabia
and Editor of the Phoenix newsletter (ISSN 0268-487X)



latest pictures

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Pied Wheatear
Pied Wheatear
Scops Owl
Scops Owl
White-throated Robin
White-throated Robin
White-throated Robin
White-throated Robin



A really scarce Wheater

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Abdulla managed to trap and ring a really scarce form of Blackeared Wheater the Dark throated melanoleuca a beautiful bird one I have yet to see myself here except at a distance

Black-eared Wheatear Dark throated melanoleuca
Black-eared Wheatear

Black-eared Wheatear


Rock Thrush

Rock Thrush


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