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Species observed occasionally and/or has occured as a vagrant during month indicated


Species observed regularily during month indicated

Species present in significant numbers during month indicated

Species numerous during month indicated

Species present in large numbers during month indicated




The intention is to indicate and emphasise only the probability of observation for any given period.

The occurrence tables are the result of much generalisation and are intended only as an aid to observation. It is impossible to compare directly on such simple charts, all species in terms of their frequency and or their numbers. Being based on actual field observations, patterns do however emerge in these charts that relate directly to the seasonal movement and migration of each species through Bahrain. Users should however not make direct comparisons between species.

For an individual or isolated record relating to a vagrant species such as the Indian Roller, the entire chart often relates to a single record  the period of such observations has been given priority .

The status of each species is left for visual interpretation.

For all species, including those most commonly recorded, observations made outside the standard norms or in periods when the species is considered scarce should always be noted and submitted along with the more exceptional records to the address below.

Quick notification for any exceptional or new record is also essential and will always be appreciated by resident and visiting Birders alike.